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Look Into Custom Mattress Choices

What if you could purchase a custom mattress at bargain mattress prices? Well, now there is a mattress company that offers custom mattresses at low prices with long warranties. This Midwestern company called Juna has designed mattresses that can be customized for each customer. The long 12-year warranty protects consumers from defects and premature wear. It is worth looking into this new way to purchase mattresses and to keep them for longer. Customers try these mattresses for 120 risk-free nights.

A New Way To Sell Mattresses

This new mattress company makes a revolutionary mattress with layers that can be put in different orders to achieve different firmness levels. People choose the mattress size and the firmness level they want. Then they can customize the mattress by choosing where to place the gell foam layers. The mattress is shipped to the customer with free shipping and a free mattress protector. In addition, customers get a 120-night trial and a 12-year warranty. Then after the 12 years, customers have a lifetime comfort commitment.

The comfort commitment is a truly unique offer. This company can replace parts or layers of the mattress. Each layer is separate and can be replaced. Customers submit a request for the replacement layer and the company representatives decide if it will be free or if the customer will cover the cost of the materials. Shipping is still free. This lifetime comfort commitment will be honored for as long as the customer owns the mattress.

How is the Mattress Configured?

The new concept with these mattresses is that the layers are not glued together. They are stacked with a breathable fabric cover that zips on and off and holds them in place. The standard order of layers starts with the Juna fabric cover, then 2 inches of organic latex, 1.5 inches of graphite gel foam, 1.5 inches of Energex foam, the lumbar support pad, and finally the 5-inch support core. These layers offer comfort, air movement, heat dissipation, and very good support.

Since the layers are separate, they can be rearranged for different levels of firmness. And, they can be replaced as needed to make this mattress last much longer than many other mattresses on the market. For more information, visit the website.